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The purchase of a drawing in this gallery supports the Lou Bender Endowed Scholarship for Veterans at Michigan State University. This scholarship helps veterans complete their college education after GI funding runs out or expires.

To purchase a drawing, first make a donation of your choice directly to Michigan State University, designated for the Lou Bender Endowed Scholarship for Veterans at

Lou Bender Endowed Scholarship

Your donation is tax deductible.

This brief description of Lou's service to his country and his connection to Michigan State University appears on the MSU Veterans Resource Center website:

"In 1966 Lou Bender was drafted into the US Army, 1st Infantry Division, better known as the Big Red 1. He served his nation in Vietnam with honor and distinction, garnering two Bronze Stars and the Purple Heart. He was honorably discharged from the Army in 1968, and was active in Veterans affairs throughout the remainder of his life.

Bender earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University in 1971, and was elected to Excalibur, an honorary society that yearly recognizes Thirteen Outstanding Senior Men. He earned his Masters of Arts degree in Communication Arts and Sciences from Michigan State University in 1974, and was honored with the Excellence in Teaching Award, presented to an outstanding graduate student each year. In 1987, Michigan State University honored Bender with its prestigious Outstanding Alumni Award, in recognition of his distinguished career.

Lou Bender passed away on February 24th, 2019."

Once you have made your donation to the fund, contact me at

Patricia A. Bender

to tell me which drawing you would like me to mail to you (click on the drawing you've selected to see its number). Remember to provide your mailing address and phone number in your email.

If you would like detailed information about a drawing, please don't hesitate to ask. I will mark drawings as sold once they are no longer available. The sale will run through the end of the year, 31December2023.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support of this much needed and worthy scholarship, established by one of the greatest human beings ever to grace this planet, David C. "Louie" Bender, the love of my life and the root inspiration for all my work.